12th Alocubano Salsa Festival 2022 Stockholm

  • Date: From 07/10/2022 to 09/10/2022
  • Time: 14:00

  • Location: Radisson Blu Royal Park Hotel, Stockholm, Solna. Frösundaviks allé,15
    Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden


Familia! 😍 Let's Do It Again! MUST GO Salsa Festival. Marvellous Dance Experience! 
The Authentic Cuba at your Fingertips! 
Created by a NATIVE CUBAN directly from SANTIAGO DE CUBA! Soy Julio Espinal i Cubano Soy! 

✅ 1 Incredible Venue 
✅ 1000 Participants 
✅ 270 Hotel Rooms 
✅ 30 Nationalities 
✅ 40hrs Workshops 
✅ 30 World’s Top Instructors & DJs 
✅ 20 Stage Shows 
✅ Master Classes 
✅ 4 Nights of Parties 
✅ 3 Days 

Take your dance skills to another LEVEL! 
Welcome to the family that unites! 
Alocubano is a community of dancers & artists where everyone feels like home. At this dance congress we unite all dance styles & nationalities. MI CASA ES TU CASA! 
Come and dance with us until sunrise! 
LINE-UP 2022: 
✔Yoyo Flow (Cuba/Spain) 
✔Seo Fernandez (Cuba/Italy) 
✔Eneris Mulgado (Cuba/Italy) 
✔Andy & Yuliet (Cuba/Norway) 
✔Barbara Jimenez (Cuba/Italy) 
✔Danger & Yunaisy (Cuba/Spain) 
✔Pedrito & Giusy (Cuba/Italy) 
✔Adonis Santiago (Cuba/Russia) 
✔Addy Mendoza (Cuba/Italy) 
✔Leyanet Bell (Cuba/Israel) 
✔Keke el Peluche (Cuba/France) 
✔Alicia Velasco (Spain) 
✔Javier Trujillo (Cuba/Sweden)

✔DJ Javier La Rosa (Cuba/UK) 
✔DJ Flecha (Cuba/UK) 
✔DJ Soto-Mayor (Cuba/Sweden) 
✔DJ Mauri (Greece/Netherlands)

AND MORE will be announced soon! 

As soon as you step over Alocubano doorstep, you will be transferred to the magical world of rich music, cigars, omnipresent joy, spicy rhythms, rum & never-ending fiestas! Together with our Artists you will experience Cuban culture in its purest form. 
Let's unite, celebrate the arts & create together unforgettable memories! 
🤩 Qué volao! 
La Familia Alocubano


12th Alocubano Salsa Festival 2022 Stockholm


12th Alocubano Salsa Festival 2022 Stockholm



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